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Live by the nature
Sun Thalassa Sunset
Unlimited Sea Views
A turtle resting on the grass
Sun Thalassa Sunset

From an olive grove to a holistic accommodation experience


If you are looking for more than a room to sleep, then Sun Thalassa is the place to be. Located in a beautiful and quiet area of the west Kavala Prefecture, it offers you all the comfort you need for a relaxing and refreshing stay. Even from the construction phase, we tried to preserve the history of our family olive grove. We created an environment where staff and guests can live in harmony with nature on an everyday basis. We put a lot of effort to make our place accessible for everyone. Every year we collect your feedback and try to improve our services. Sun Thalassa is nature, us and you altogether. Pandemia forced us to make minor changes, which do not affect your overall experience at all. Besides, from the very first moment, safety and hygiene have been our top priorities anyway. 

What we already do


✓ Offer apartments with independent access. There is no need to use any crowded common spaces.

✓   Employ skilful housekeeping personnel. 

✓   Train, educate and supervise staff on our high cleaning standards.

✓   Insist on deep and thorough cleaning.

✓   Sanitise sensitive areas and spots that tend to attract germs.

✓   Use cleaning and sanitising materials of exceptional quality. 

✓   Maintain air-condition and sewage systems regularly.

✓   Use exclusively white towels and linen.

✓   Change towels/linen during stay too.

✓   Collaborate with professional laundry service (towels/linen are washed at 70°C and ironed with the press at 160°C).

✓   Inform guests about the local emergency numbers. 

✓   Provide guests with the  manager's personal phone number which is available 24/7 in case of emergency.

✓   Interact with guests and try to improve continuously. 

What changes

None of the above. We keep doing what we have been doing since 2019 with care and consistency. However, we understand that the current global health crisis requires a few extra precautionary actions. So, we also:


✓   Fully comply with hygiene protocols determined by the Greek state. 

✓   Reinforce the protective measures of our personnel.

✓   Train executives and staff on the new regulations.

✓   Improve cleaning tools and materials where needed (e.g. steam cleaner for sensitive surfaces). 

✓ Note down personal details of all guests (not only the details of those proceeding with the reservation). 

✓   Significantly increase the minimum period between check out and check-in, to achieve even better cleaning and ventilation. This practically means that check-out must be done by 11.00, while check-in will be allowed only after 16.00.

✓  Adjust visits for cleaning and changing towels/linen according to the new rules and length of stay. 

✓    Inform guests about general hygiene rules and protective measures.

✓  Stay alert, but also fully ready to offer you a wonderful accommodation experience as always.

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